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“Highly knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble... cannot speak highly enough"

Gary Kemp, Kingswells


Here you can see just a small selection of our recently completed projects. 

You can see we have experience of providing air source heating solutions to a range of property types to suit various user needs. 

To start your enquiry, just send us some basic details here and we'll be in touch!

1920s Large Detached Property, Cammachmore

Built in the 1920s, this is a 4 bed detached stone built house with suspended floors.
Heat loss calculations came out at just under 14kw and it was decided to install 2 x 7kw Vaillant aroTHERM plus units in cascade, with a 100ltr buffer tank as per the Vaillant design team.
The customer already had a wet central heating system with a 50kw natural gas boiler. All the old (microbore) pipework was removed and upgraded to allow for better flow rates.

Snow 4.jpg
Snow 2.jpg

Traditional 3 Bedroom Semi-detached Property, Alford

3 bed semi-detached traditional build with 50mm uninsulated cavity walls. 
The storage heating was proving expensive and difficult to control at times when it was needed most. 
The new system incorporated an overlay Under Floor Heating system on the ground floor with radiators on the 1st floor. As you can see from the photos, the landing cupboard is jam packed with a cylinder, buffer tank and 2x expansion vessels. There are other options but this proved to be a good fit for the customer, and a year down the line, the customer is very happy with the efficiency and performance.

Bartek 5.jpg
Bartek 4.jpg
Bartek 2.jpg

4 Bedroom Detached Timber Frame Self-Build, Clola

4-bed detached timber frame self build. This house had been self built by the previous owner and their knowledge of heating systems wasn't to the required standard.
There was a ground source system installed, which should have lasted for many years however the quality of the install meant it wasn't functioning to its full potential and replacing the ground loop would have been prohibitively expensive and inefficient. A classic example of when a DIY project should be done by the professionals!
This was a very straight-forward bolt on with the heat pump and buffer and cylinder back to back at the garage.
We had previously upgraded the UFH manifolds and the flow temperature could be set lower as a result. Potentially this means lower heating bills than a regular radiator system.
Another happy customer completed with minimum disruption!

Clola E.jpg
Clola A.jpg
Clola H.jpg

Golf Club, Aberdeen City

This job was a challenge as the building had many extensions and alterations in it's 125 year history, with suspended floors in part of the building allowing access and stone floors in other parts meaning a different route was required.
The 2x 50kw natural gas boilers were at the end of their lifespan and the forward-thinking committee decided to opt for a modern approach with 4x 12kw arotherm plus in cascade. An 800litre buffer tank was specified to cope with the volume of water in the system and all the old steel pipework was replaced with copper up to a diameter of 67mm. A new electricity supply was also installed.
This has now future proofed the building instead of installing another gas system which would have to be replaced in line with government climate goals in a few year's time.

Northern 1_edited.jpg
Northern 2.jpg
Northern 3.jpg

1990s Steading Conversion, Newmachar

4-bed converted steading (early 90's) with 600mm thick walls and stone floors. Well insulated loft.
Replaced a 30kw oil boiler with a 10kw arotherm plus. Replaced all microbore pipework to increase flow and increased flow and return pipes from 22mm to 28mm per pipe sizing guidelines.
This was a challenging retrofit as channels had to be cut in the walls of ground floor rooms in this big house to upgrade to 15mm radiator pipework. On initial inspection, it was agreed with the customer that they would make good after the work was complete.
Customer adjusting well and happy with the low temperature heating.

Smart 3.jpg
Smart 4.jpg
Smart 2.jpg

Mid-Terraced 5 Bedroom Granite House, Aberdeen City

Mid terrace 5 bed granite house over three floors with kitchen extension out the back.
This house would be a typical example of what is not suited to a low temperature heating system had it not been significantly upgraded with PIR insulation boards during a refurbishment.
Removed a 36kw natural gas combi boiler and replaced with a 7kw arotherm plus which is ample for the heat loss in this building. Effectively 5x reduced heat load to do the same job .

The customer didn't want a bulky cylinder in place of his space saving combi, so opted for a Sunamp Heat Battery. These units use PCM's or phase changing materials, much like a pocket warmer where, on activation the liquid turn to a solid to generate a heat store. Cold mains then transfers through the heat store and comes out hot. Much like the heat exchanger in a combi boiler. These units come in different sizes and can fit under a kitchen worktop.

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Wilkinson 3.jpg
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