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How we work

We understand that every home is different, so we take care to assess your home to see if air source heating is a good fit for you.

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Online check

Use our online calculator to tell us about your home, see how much you can save, then use the contact form to send us your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) (if you have one), and we'll be in touch to arrange a site visit.

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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)


We will need an EPC produced within the last two years before we visit your home to see if air source heating is suitable for you.  If your home doesn't have a recent EPC you can find an approved assessor on the Scottish EPC register.  If your home is classed below C you will need to upgrade your insulation, we can talk you through what is needed for your home.  

You will also need an EPC produced within the last two years to apply for RHI payments.  You can find your EPC (Scotland) on the Energy Saving Trust website

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Site visit, assessment & quote

We will come to your home and assess it for heat loss to see if it is suitable for air source heating and what size of air source heat pump your home needs. During our site visit we'll take measurements and inspect the loft space, underfloor and walls.  Our visit takes up to two hours.

We will create a detailed report and quote for you, including any improvements such as insulation you may need to make before an air source heat pump can be installed.  

We aim to send you your detailed report and quote within a week of our site visit.

Once you have signed the contract agreeing the installation there is a two week cooling off period, before installation can start.

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Help with funding

You can use our quote to apply for an interest free loan with Home Energy Scotland.

You could also be eligible to receive payments from the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which would be paid to you quarterly for seven years. To find out more read the Essential Guide for Applicants (pdf) from

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Installation & commissioning report


If your home needs improved insulation this needs to be installed before the air source heating system.  We can then install your air source heating system as specified in your quote.  Installations are typically completed within a week.

Our installation includes a commissioning report that should be submitted to RHI as part of the evidence required to calculate the RHI payments back to you over the seven years following installation.

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Air source heat pumps are usually serviced annually to keep their warranty.  We provide annual servicing and repair services for all our installations.  Repair costs are usually covered under warranty for first seven years after installation.