Two men installing an air source heat pump outside - courtesy of Vaillant

Our services

Air Source Heating


We install and maintain air source heating systems using high quality air source heating pumps from Vaillant and Mitsubishi.


We understand that every home is different, so we take care to assess your home to see if air source heating is a good fit for you.  Find out more about how we work



Our installation includes a commissioning report that can be submitted to Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) as part of the evidence required to calculate the RHI payments back to you over the seven years following installation.


Air source heat pumps are usually serviced annually to keep their warranty.  We provide servicing and repair services for all our installations.  Repair costs are usually covered under warranty for first three to seven years after installation. 

More information

Find out more about how we assess your home and install air source heating.



Gas installation & servicing


We offer gas central heating installation and follow up servicing. 


We can also install new gas boilers, replacing your old boiler, this typically takes a day. 


We offer follow up annual services on all our installations.


Working safely

When we are in your home (site visits, installation and maintenance) we will take care to meet all the current government health and safety rules including covid safety guidance.