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Insulating Your Home

Good insulation is a great starting point

We will carry out a full heat loss survey of your property before installing any heat pump system. As well as helping to select the most appropriate solution for your property, this will identify any areas where you can potentially improve the insulation.


Why is Insulation so important?


Insulation can be thought of as the jacket that keeps your home warm. It minimises the amount of heat lost through walls, floors and ceilings, so it makes sense to make sure yours is as effective as possible - regardless of which type of heating system you plan to use. 

An uninsulated home can lose up to 33% of its heat through the walls, and 25% through the roof. 


We will always advise customers that this is the best starting point when looking to reduce the amount of energy used in heating their home.  

The Energy Saving Trust provides a useful guide to this - here


Home Energy Scotland can also point you in the direction of any available funding for this - or other energy saving solutions (such as heat pumps!) - here

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